Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentist at Dentotal in Delhi offer Variety of cosmetic treatment procedures from subtle changes to major repairs to improve your smile.

These procedures are carried out if you have stained, discoloured, chipped, fractured, uneven, cavitated teeth, crowded, spaced out, rotated, crocked and short teeth. Your smile can be improved if you have gummy smile & discoloured dark (pigmented )gums. These procedures not only improve your smile but improve your bite and health of your teeth and gums.

The procedures included are filling, bleaching, veneering, crowns, reshaping and contouring of teeth and gums and depigmentation of gums.

Cleaning and Polishing

We use most modern Ultrasonic Scaler(Cleaner) to remove stains from the teeth without damaging enamel. This procedure includes not only cleaning but educating patient in maintaining oral hygiene.

Whitening or Bleaching

This procedure is used to remove discolouration or internal stains caused due to trauma, intake of certain medications during childhood, fluorosis and habits like smoking and tobacco chewing.

This procedure involves application of chemicals on the tooth surfaces.

Home Bleaching

Home bleaching is advised in mild disclouration. This procedure involves making impression of upper and lower teeth and fabrication of plastic tray. Bleaching kit and tray are handed over to the patient and advised to apply bleaching material to the tray and wear the tray over night. This should be done for several nights for weeks and progress should be monitored by the dentist periodically.

Office Bleaching

This procedure is carried out in the dental office. It involves application agents directly on the tooth surfaces and bleaching light is applied for several minutes.

Our office uses most advanced world’s best bleaching system ZOOM 2. This system is safe and done in a single visit. The teeth can brighten up to 10 shades in an hour’s procedure


Dentists at the Dentotal clinics in delhi use high quality tooth colored composite resin material to fill and restore teeth. This procedure is done to restore shape, size and colour of chipped, decayed, discoloured and spaced out teeth. This requires single visit and filling lasts for several years.


Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or resin material placed on the outer surface of the front teeth to change their size, shape or colour. Veneers are indicated in teeth with chipped, discoloured, uneven surfaces, spaced or crocked and oddly shaped. This painless procedure requires little or no anaesthesia.

In this procedures the dentist removes 1mm of upper layer of the teeth and take impression, then veneers are fabricated in the laboratory and cemented on the teeth.

This procedure requires more than one setting. veneers have very good colour stability, long lasting and give a perfect smile.


Crown is a restoration that fits over an existing tooth and covers the entire tooth. It protects and strengthens the damaged tooth to restore its functionality.

Crowns are indicated where _

_tooth is damaged extensively and there is not enough tooth structure to support a filling.

_tooth extensively damaged and need additional protection.

_to change position of a tooth or teeth where orthodontic treatment is not feasible.

_for cosmetic reasons to improve appearance of the tooth and smile.

_where tooth height needs to be increased.

Dentist in delhi provides variety of crowns for the patient to choose from. Crowns can be made of gold, metal , porcelain fused to metal , full porcelain or ceramic (metal free) crowns. Full ceramic are the best choice for cosmetic look.

Crown procedure involves grinding of the tooth to create space for the crown to fit. Once tooth is prepared, an impression is made and sent to the dental laboratory. Lab technician fabricate a crown on the model and on subsequent sitting the crown is cemented permanently on the prepared tooth.

These crowns last for 10-15 yrs provided patient takes care of oral hygiene and regular dental check ups.