Root canal treatment

Dentist in delhi offers root canal treatment , pulp capping, pulpotomy, root resection, apicectomy, post and core, and root canal retreatment.

Root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is a set procedure which involves removal of infected nerves, blood vessels from pulp chamber and canals of the tooth. The subsequent cleaning and shaping and filling of the canals.This is done under local anaesthesia.


-Root canal treatment is indicated when nerves and blood vessels of the tooth are irreversibly damaged. for example-trauma

-Decay which has reached the nerve( pulp) chamber.

-Infection which has reached the base of the tooth and resulted in an abcess.

-Fractured tooth exposing the nerve.

-Intentional root canal treatment in teeth which require change in shape, size and position.

-Retreatment in infected root canal treated tooth.

Sign and symptoms

-Continuous pain.

-Pain on drinking hot or cold.

-Pain while chewing or biting.

-Loose tooth.

-Discoloured tooth

-Pus draining from the gums of the affected tooth.

-Swelling on the face.

Once a tooth is infected the damage is irreversible and cannot heal on its own. Leaving the tooth without treatment may make it worse.

Antibiotics are not effective. They suppress the infection but cannot cure completely. Infection may recur after some time.

Only alternative to root canal treatment is tooth removal. However this is not usually recommended because it is better to have as many natural teeth as possible.


Involved tooth is anaesthetized with local anaesthesia. Access opening is made to the nerve chamber and canals (Pulp)

The whole pulp canals are cleaned, enlarged and sterilized with special files and disinfecting solutions. The canals are filled with special root canal filling material known as gutta percha to prevent any infection in the future. The remaining cavity is filled with permanent material.

Root canal treatment can be done in single or multiple sittings depending on the signs and symptoms.

After the root canal treatment tooth is either filled with permanent material or crowned depending on the extent of damage.

Root canal treatment can be done in milk teeth in children.

Root canal treatment is done to save milk teeth so that they shed naturally and help in eruption of permanent teeth in normal position. If milk teeth are lost earlier than usual, permanant teeth may erupt in positions other than normal causing crowding and gum infection.

If root canal treated tooth gets infected, due to some reasons, retreatment is possible.