Hello Ajay and Sanjay:

I want to thank both of u for the superb job u did in fixing my teeth. My 2 root canals and 4 crowns are doing very well. I am comfortable and free of pain. Your work and patient service was outstanding. I really appreciated the special accommodation u made to get the job done in the short time I had in New Delhi.

I hope u are both well and having fun. Please contact me if u are in Washington area. Cheers and all the best. Regards,

Teji Bindra
Attorney at law

Dear Ajay

I cannot leave Delhi without writing to say thank you once again for your wise counsel / sage advice on how we should handle the appearance of my teeth. You understood so kindly that it was about more than just teeth. You then kept the balance between my desired aesthetics and good dental health. Both issues have been well-served and I am really pleased.

As I said at the end of our last session - you are masterful in the practice of your profession. You are so tuned in you to the person sitting in the chair. You are on the lookout for every flicker of an eye-lid or wince – to which you respond to so empathetically. It is so reassuring that you cover all the bases so brilliantly. For me it has been a totally successful experience - thank you again.

I return to the UK on Tuesday and time will tell if what we have done together will satisfy my inner desire for aesthetics. I shall know by the time I pass back this way whether I seek the uniformity on my lower teeth that can only be provided by crowns. We shall see!

But for the meantime I am really beyond content as I pack to return to my real life!

Thank you again Ajay – and if my best laid plans for mice & men go right then I shall see you again next year


Vicki Hancock

Dear Ajay Raj,

After few weeks in Gujrat and Maharashtra, We are now back in U.K. We arrived on Tuesday evening from Mumbai. We missed the extreme cold weather but even now it’s very cold. We enjoyed our vacation in Rajasthan and our stay in Delhi. On the whole our holidays were a success.

It was pleasure meeting you. I am so grateful for your treatment and on a special care and attention basis. I do nt have enough word power to express my gratitude. I am also grateful to Dr. Piyush who treated me on the same basis. I have so much to be grateful for to BOTH of You.

I have your contact details and if anyone ask me for infro about dental treatment in India I shall recommend your clinic with fullest confidence. I am also grateful to Indu Sharma for her hospitality and having made all things possible for me.

My most heartfelt thanks to you and Dr. Piyushbhai. We would love to meet up with you whenever you visit England.

Nina asked me to convey her best wishes to you both.

- Kind Regards,

Suresh C A Patel & Nina Patel

89 Friars GARDENS

Hughenden Valley Buck, HP14 4LU